BHUTAN                             After looking, make a BOOKING!


We have a number of different tours available.:

7 days Wonders of Western Bhutan
7 days Gateway to Bhutan Tour
8 days Western Bhutan Cultural Tour
8 days Valley of Earthly Delights
11 days Historic Central Bhutan
11 days Back Road of East Himalayas
15 days Journey Across Bhutan.

All the above include English speaking guides throughout.



We are now able to offer one of the most breathtaking experiences in the world. Bhutan or "Land of the Thunder Dragon"

Recently, we have made an agreement with one of the largest tour operators in Bhutan to offer people a chance to visit this remote country and experience the timeless mystery that is Bhutan.

Travellers to Bhutan are permitted only as a member of a commercially organised tour group.
This can now be arranged between Quintessential Travel Ltd and our Bhutan agents.

The tourism policy of the government of Bhutan is based on a concept of high value and low impact.
This notion is founded on the principle of sustainability,meaning tourism must be environmentally and ecologically friendly,socially and culturally acceptable and economically viable.
For this reason the number of tourists visiting Bhutan are kept to a manageable level through a govern
ment regulated tariff.

All the tours are designed to bring you into close contact with an unspoiled,beautiful land that is home to a vibrant Buddhist way of life. Experience Bhutan's charming people, enchanting valleys, magnificent mountains and stately architecture,all of which make it as close in spirit to Shambala -or Paradise- as an earth bound kingdom could be. Return to front page HERE